It is with a lot of pleasure that I accepted the invitation to judge your clubmatch and your selection on 2002.

I want  to thank the organizers who made a beautiful work as well as all the present exhibitors who knew how to make these shows, a success.

The reception was very friendly and the atmosphere among exhibitors seemed to me very relaxed and friendly. Thanks to Alena Bendova who assured the translation and was my steward during my stay.

I had the enjoyment to see several very beautiful subjects.

In great majority, your dogs have strong qualities such as bones, beautiful round chest, good wide heads with a good type and expression, beautiful constructions, good movements. Coat quality is mainly correct .


There are however points on which you should remain watchful:

-     The sizes, take care to oversize, even if few.

-         The tail carriage , a little bit high on the move.

-         The hook tail is lacking on many dogs

-         The colour of eyes, they often could be a little darker


I appreciated also the handling of the dogs which made their assessments easier as well as their temperaments. Most of them had a good balance sociability / activity and in excellent condition.


Continue this way.

Some of your dogs honour the breed and would be able of winning the top honours on the rings of French shows.


 I thank you for this excellent week end which allowed me a more detailed discovery of your briards.
Corinne De Brouwer

 Mrs. Dana Kocurova promised to make the analysis as well... 
but we are very sorry to say that this excellent judge and wonderful person 
tragicaly died during her vacation in Croatia just a month after the show...

All Briard people in Central Europe miss her so much!!!